Guest Rooms <One night stay with two meals>

Japanese-style room(with a bathroom)
Western-style room(with a bathroom)
* The price depends on the menu chosen.
(Tax and service charge included.)
Classification Dinner Choice Weekdays and low season High season
Adult (age 12 and older) Shigemori meal set 9,828 yen/per person 10,584 yen/per person
Kiyomori meal set 12,204 yen/per person 12,960 yen/per person
Child from age 6 to 11 Child's meal set 7,668 yen/per person 8,100 yen/per person
Child from age 3 to 5 Child's meal set 5,616 yen/per person 5,940 yen/per person

Check-in time: 4 p.m

Check-out time: 10 a.m


yukata/toothbrush/body soap/hand soap/shampoo/hair conditioner/bath towel/towel/hair dryer

* Razor … 300 yen for sale

* Child under 3 years old, there will be the actual expense.

* If a guest wishes to use the room by himself/herself, 324 yen will be added to his/her charge.

* If a guest wishes to stay at a Japanese-style room without a bathroom, then the room rate will be deducted from the rate above by
540 yen(adult)360yen(child 6 to 12 years)216yen(child over 3 years)

* Season rates

• 30 December , 4 ,5 January.
• From 20 July to 31August.
• Saturday and the day before holidays.

* Special rates
• 31 December to 3 January.

Apply in person for further information.

* Meals
• Meals is served in a restaurant.
For a group, dinner is served in a banquet room.
• Breakfast is served at the restaurant.
(Japanese dishes.)

* Payment
We only accept cash in Japanese currency.